I have had a working relationship with many of the STC leaders since 2012 to include the Director of Education, Program Managers, CEO/President and Career Services Leaders. I have been involved in a countless number of recruiting events, job fairs and advisory councils with this great group of leaders. To date we have hired 40+ students into a broad range of clinical and non-clinical fields to include Surgical Technicians, Billing and Coding Specialists, Medical Administrative Specialists, Business Specialist positions and Radiologic Technician positions.
Dina M. Cochi, Shared Services Center Sarasota

Being a student at STC has really helped mold my life into something that I had never imagined. While attending school, I had many obstacles, just as other students trying to juggle school, work, marriage and children. The teachers and administrative staff made sure to make me feel that I could finish school. Mrs. Joyce Congers made sure to make learning a priority in her class. Every experience, lesson and activity focused on her student’s success. While on my externship, I used every lesson from her class. I felt prepared. I advanced quickly while at my site. I appreciate the school’s focus on employment preparation. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Southern Technical College and an employed Medical Assistant.
Je’Anise Joseph, STC Graduate

Although all the teachers and staff were great, the professor I remember and enjoyed the most was Professor Painter. She was super knowledgeable and always willing to help you if you needed. The externship coordinator, Jannia L., was great in helping me get into a great site and land a job. The school is great and I would recommend to anyone.
Janika Dennis, STC Graduate

My externship experience were great and exciting to me. On my site, the supervisors, manager and the associates were extremely warm, nice and professional. They were willingly open to sharing their knowledge and skills with me, although each one had their own way of dedicating service to the parents and catering to the patients need. I had the chance to meet other providers, nurses, and staff. I were given every opportunity to shadow in the registration, and scheduling arena, as well as attend classes. The manager and supervisors tried everything to make sure I got all the training that were available to help me in the Medical Office Administration field. It was my honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from one of the best organization in the health care industrial. This experience confirm that this is what I truly want to do, so I gratefully give God all the glory.
Sylvia Atkins, Student

Since I have been with CMS since 2012, I have only had the pleasure of working with one of your students, Marie Barbe Jean-Louis. I must say that Marie was an absolute pleasure to work with, so much so we decided to offer her a position with our organization. Marie worked with our lead Financial Counselor Itzalia Figueroa, who expressed that Marie brought an excellent foundation of billing and coding with her. Marie is a very driven individual, she is professional in her communications, her attire, and her work ethic. She has the ability to quickly learn new skills and efficiently apply them. We had an excellent experience with Marie.
Veronica McKinley-Wray, Children’s Medical Services – Central Region

As a former student of Southern Technical College I am eager to admit to my awesome experience. Most colleges are based on huge classrooms and multiple teachers who just count you as another student on their roster. However, Southern Technical college is more than that. I attended an eighteen month program for Medical Assisting and enjoyed every minute of it. Southern Technical College offers mornings and night classes to fit those busy work schedules. As a single, independent, full time working mother Southern Tech made it easier for me to earn a degree, being the first in my family. Not only are all the students respectful and full of energy to learn, but the teachers make the experience just as exciting. They keep up with your pace, helping you grasp every concept and assignment. Every teacher is available inside and outside of school to help with every question you may have. The teachers want you to learn and they will apply their knowledge over and over again until you grasp it.  The teachers make the learning experience fun with hands on learning and book work as well as computer work. I not only earned a degree with Southern Technical College, but I also enjoyed the time I spent there. The staff, students and teachers make the college experience all the more exciting.
Nichole Aponte, Student