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Earn your diploma in Electrical Technology

This 10 month diploma program in Electrical Technology is designed to train students for entry-level employment as electrical technicians by providing a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the application of relevant technology systems. The curriculum includes learning experiences intended to prepare a successful graduate to install, repair and service residential and commercial electrical systems.

Course Descriptions

CON101 Introduction to Building Construction – 6 credit hours

This course provides a study of Energy Efficient Building Construction and OSHA regulations.  This course also includes an introduction to blueprint reading and the proper use of architectural and engineering symbols, relationship of views, and construction measurements.  The student will learn basic construction mathematics and principles.  Pre-requisite:  None

EIT115 Basic Electricity and Electronics – 4.5 credit hours

Electrical principles and applications are introduced.  Topics include electrical parameters and units, direct and alternating current, series and parallel circuits, resistance, capacitance, inductance, magnetism, and equivalent circuits. Lab included. Pre-requisites:  None

EIT125 Alternating Current and Passive Devices – 4.5 credit hours

This course is designed to give students a solid knowledge of alternating current. It introduces the theory and application of varying sine wave voltages and current. Topics include: AC wave generation factors such as peak, peak to peak, average, and RMS values of AC voltage and current; frequency and phase relationship in resistive, RL, RC, and RLC circuits; and impedance, admittance, and conductance power factors calculated from given and/or measured data. Lab included.  Pre-requisites:  EIT115

EIT201 Residential Electronic Systems – 4.5 credit hours

This course provides instruction in home automation technology, including home security, audio/video, computer networks, structured wiring, controls (lighting, HVAC, water), cable/satellite, baseband video, telecommunications and broadband. The student will learn to plan, install, test, troubleshoot and trim-out the various home automation systems. Lab included.  Pre-requisites:  None

EIT215 Programmable Logic Controllers – 4.5 credit hours

An entry level course in digital electronics covering number systems, binary mathematics, digital codes, logic gates, Programming a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Input/Output devices and troubleshooting digital I/O. The student will be familiar with the hardware and programming of PLC type Controllers as they are used in an industrial process.  Lab included.  Pre-requisites:  EIT115

EIT218 Principles and Applied Practices of Residential Wiring – 4.5 credit hours

This course will provide information on conductor ratings, wiring styles, grounding, and practical experience in basic residential electrical wiring. Students will be exposed to advanced practical experience in lighting branch circuits and special purpose circuits.  Lab included.  Pre-requisites:  EIT125

EIT228 Commercial Wiring – 4.5 credit hours

This course is an introduction to commercial wiring practices and procedures. Topics include: National Electrical Code, commercial load calculations, safety, and commercial installations. Lab included.  Pre-requisites:  EIT125

EIT230 Service Installation and Troubleshooting – 4.5 credit hours

This course is a continuation of electrical residential wiring. The focus of the practical experiences and problem solving is on panel board selection, electric service and over-current protection such as fuses and circuit breakers. This course is designed to give the student an understanding of electric services, system transformers and the principals of grounding and bonding electrical systems. Lab included.  Pre-requisite:  EIT228

EIT250 Motors and Controls – 4.5 credit hours

This course is intended to assist the student to learn how AC motors operate and how to install them.  The course will give the student an understanding of how motor controls are designed and installed to provide control schemes. Efforts will be made to keep the course practical, yet to provide the theory about why a motor and an associated control system works.  Lab included.  Pre-requisites:  EIT125

SLS110 – Career Preparation – 6 credit hours

This course provides students with the foundation for job preparation and job searching. Students will identify their qualifications for their chosen career; identify what employers look for in strong candidates; build resumes and cover letters; gain tips on completing applications; job and informational interviewing; as well as job searching, professional networking, and tips for setting up a successful career. This course will also introduce students to the application of basic interpersonal communication skills, with a focus on achieving success in the workplace. Pre-requisites:  None

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Career options upon graduation:

  • Electrical Technician
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Elevator Installers and Repairers
  • Construction Laborers and Helpers
  • ​Inside and Outside Linemen

Electrical Technology program is available at these locations: