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Career Guidance

Southern Technical College – Career Services

Our Goal

The mission of Southern Technical College is to provide an education that will prepare students to pursue successful careers and lead enriched lives. Based on the current market demands, we seek to provide the most relevant knowledge to our students and strive to ensure that our technology, our curriculum and our faculty are in-touch with today’s and tomorrow’s industry needs.

We couple this with an education that holds both learners and teachers accountable and ensures measurable outcomes of education. We are not just educating, we are preparing a workforce for the future.

Connecting to Students

There are a variety of ways businesses may connect with our students. We offer internships and externships that provide our partners a great opportunity to share their knowledge and get to know our students first-hand. We host career fairs for employers to showcase their companies and recruit new hires.

We also schedule on-campus recruiting days and group interviews for individual employers. No matter what message you want to deliver to our students, we can help you make the right connection!

Connecting to Education

We are always ready to hear what employers are looking for in the future workforce. We hold regular meetings with Advisory Boards consisting of industry leaders for each academic department, to review curriculum, make recommendations and help us maintain our focus on being ahead of the curve in our academic offerings. We always welcome new members to join the Advisory Board which acts as a forum for you to create custom-made graduates for your needs. We are also always seeking knowledgeable and dynamic professionals who would like to deliver a guest lecture or become part of our dedicated faculty. If any member of your organization would like to participate, we would welcome them gladly.