Today’s AC & Refrigeration News: ACCA Chairman Phil London Speaks to HVAC Students at Southern Technical College

As seen in AC & Refrigeration News (Feb. 4, 2016):

HVAC Article

Phil London, Chairman for ACCA, and VP of residential services at Thermal Concepts, was invited to speak to the HVAC students at Southern Technical College in Orlando on January 13th. In light of all the media coverage on the lack of qualified HVAC technicians, this was a great opportunity to encourage the students that they are in the right program at the right time for great career opportunities in our industry. The class size is about 35 students, ranging in age from 20 – 55. The program instructor is Paul Allen who coordinated the speaking engagement with the ACCA organization.

Phil London of ACCA opened the presentation by giving an overview of the current position of the HVACR industry. Phil London said that by 2022, 120,000 technicians and installers will be needed to fill all the HVAC positions available. The sky is the limit for you today. The industry also includes a growing number of women entering the field. This industry is changing fast. This industry is about so much more than just air conditioning. It’s about how homes and buildings work, indoor comfort, energy savings, and healthy environments.

Phil London then asked the students what they do. Don’t just say you are an air conditioning contractor, that is too vague. Never limit yourself… it is no longer the HVACR Industry. It is much more….it is now the Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency Industry.

The US is the number one user of the earths natural resources. Energy demands and prices are soaring, and government agencies are mandating energy conservation. Your job will be to find ways to save energy. Saving energy results in saving money and natural resources.

While you are here at Southern Technical College, learn and understand as much as you can to excel in this field, especially as it relates to controls and electronics. Don’t limit yourself to only a few areas of expertise…..expand your credentials! Phil London shared with the students what they can expect to earn starting out in this industry. A starting national average salary will be around $49,000. But please understand that you must be able to do the work. Employers are looking for a return on their investment. Phil London then went over several traits and skills that are beneficial in securing HVAC jobs. He also gave the students some tips on interviewing and things to do to give future employers a good first impression.

Phil London told the students that there will be positions available when you complete the course, but it is up to you to be prepared. Opportunity knocks….you are in the right field…the sky is the limit!!!

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