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Earn an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal (Online)

The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal program at Southern Technical College is designed to provide the student industry-relevant training by encompassing a well-balanced curriculum of legal theory and practice, general education, and business skills. Paralegal students are involved in legal research and writing, document preparation, trial practice, and general law office management.

The program’s Paralegal courses present students with the opportunity to examine and develop comprehensive legal research and writing skills.   Students will be trained in some of the most functional abilities required for successful paralegals.  This course presents students with cutting-edge training in online legal research and will allow them to gain a familiarity regarding the technological platforms used by most law firms.  Students will learn proper methods of analyzing and synthesizing rules, derived from case law, to make powerful arguments in support of clients’ cases.  Instruction will also cover proper citation format, use of indexes, and the differences between primary and secondary sources of law.  Computer-based research, as well as traditional forms of research, will be utilized.  Students will practice retrieving legal sources, analyzing fact patterns, and organizing effective documents.

The main focus of this program is to assist the attorney with research, writing (including drafting of forms, subpoenas, depositions, and summaries), and the management of the law office. This program is offered online.

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The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal program focuses on a variety of fields of law including:

  • Bankruptcy Law – covering the Federal Bankruptcy Code with emphasis on Chapters 7, 11 and 13. The student will become familiar with the different forms and procedures for filing in the State of Florida.
  • Estates, Trusts and Probate – the study of the requirements, formalities, drafting, and execution of wills and trusts, probating wills, intestacy law, administration of wills and estates.
  • Immigration Law – focus on immigrants and the different categories of non-immigrants and the various laws that must be followed to visit the U.S. from abroad or gain permanent resident status.

Upon successful completion of the Paralegal program, graduates may pursue entry-level positions in public and private law offices, banks, insurance companies, real estate firms, or public agencies. If you’re considering earning your Associate’s Degree in Paralegal, it’s time to get started at Southern Technical College. Contact us to learn more.

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