Medical Billing and Coding Technology

Earn a Medical Billing and Coding Diploma

Medical-billing-and-coding-technology_106827503Healthcare providers need qualified, detail-oriented professionals to help manage medical records and process payments. In the Medical Billing and Coding Technology program at Southern Technical College, you can prepare to become an important part of a healthcare team.

In this program, you’ll be taught the various classification codes associated with medical procedures and patient diagnosis, as well as how to record those codes on corresponding healthcare insurance forms. As the healthcare and insurance industries continue to evolve, the demand for medical billing and coding technologists with a current education is on the rise. At STC, you can train to work on the front lines to ensure correct billing and insurance reimbursement.

At Southern Technical College, you’ll receive quality career training that goes beyond the book and that can help you step right in as a medical billing and coding employee! If you’re considering medical billing and coding schools in South Florida, it’s time to get started at Southern Technical College. Contact us to learn more.

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